What is Finance Marketing?


What is Finance Marketing?

Finance can be a very confusing subject, especially due to the amount of jargon used within the industry. However, it is one of the most important (if not, the top) aspects that must be considered for an increased quality of life.

Aviva reported in 2010 that “overall happiness and self-esteem are influenced by our sense of financial control, not how much is annually earnt.” This showcases that individuals with higher life satisfaction have a stronger sense of ‘financial wellbeing’, being that they have sensible financial plans in place, not necessarily a larger income.

These interesting findings demonstrate that when individuals are looking for a financial company to invest in, there are many factors to be considered. This therefore also means the businesses branding and marketing must be consistent, easily digestible and engaging.

Enter Marketing Elect, here to make your marketing stand out for the above reasons and more! Below are what we believe to be the best marketing services for those within the financial industry; all of which ME. offer…


Marketing Strategy

It’s crucial to understand your customers and marketplace, no matter the size of the business. A defined, forward-thinking, and efficient marketing strategy is a crucial step to achieving business growth and ultimately becoming a positively recognized financial business. Think of the industry leaders, HSBC, Barclay’s etc. they are globally recognised due to their incredibly successful marketing strategies!

By formulating a marketing strategy that targets your business goals whilst conveying your brand’s story through emotion and culture, lasting relationships will be formed with target audiences and prospective ones (which is essential for gaining customer trust in the finance industry).

Website Development

It’s safe to say that having an easy to navigate and branded website is vital within any industry. User experience is everything. As your online store-front, it’s crucial that your website is able to fully function in a manner that supports your business goals.

Those within the finance industry rely heavily on a functional website, as information needs to be easily digestible and readily available across all devices. Our finance clients have utilised our web building abilities, to create exceptional websites that showcases their branding perfectly, whilst showcasing relevant material in a concise yet informative manner.

Social Media Management

Upholding your business’ presence on social media is essential in the modern world. Social media is fantastic for growing start-up businesses, but is also essential for larger brands to sustain their already successful marketing efforts.

Our finance clients have homed in on the above, which has led to us creating a surge in their social media presence and engagement. ME. have the ability to grow our clients’ following and engagement massively on networks including Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

LinkedIn in particular has developed into a social media network that is perfect for marketing finance companies. Thriving off professionalism and business personnel, LinkedIn and finance go hand-in-hand.


Our finance clients have utilised photography to showcase their brand’s identity and purpose throughout their onward marketing efforts.This immersive and engaging content showcases to customers that your finance company is experienced, reliable and passionate about helping people with their money. 

In an industry where customer loyalty and trust is fundamental, showcasing your finance company as a friendly, reliable and a trustworthy partner to work with will gain you more exposure and leads. Photography also presents familiarity to you, as you get to know the faces behind the business, furthermore building on brand loyalty!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation does not suit every industry…but when it comes to finance it is certainly an important avenue to consider.

Formulated for long-term continuous effects, SEO helps your website rate higher when clients are looking for your services. Our finance clients who have undertaken SEO have seen significant return on their investments, as their higher search rating means wider brand awareness and audience reach…ultimately leading to more consumers coming through the door!

Branded Content

Branded content can be anything from specialised social media posts to physical brochures/leaflets. When it comes to the finance industry, your branding needs to be perfect, to ensure you stand out from the ever-growing crowd. Your business’ identity, culture and behaviour must be communicated efficiently and effectively to immediately grab the attention of potential visitors, but also be varied enough to sustain the interest of repeat buyers. Unleash your brand’s potential through branding your content!

Email Marketing

Once believed to be out-dated, has since been proven to still be paving the way for marketing services. With “99% of Email users opening their inbox everyday”, it’s obvious that by targeting individuals this way, you are hitting them in a relevant and consistent form.

Our finance clients who utilise email marketing on a monthly and quarterly basis obtain consistently high results; with their open rates and in-message links gaining high traction. 

Printed Media

Traditionally, printed media was the only way to gain brand awareness and customers. As media and technology has evolved, people are increasingly less likely to opt for this method of marketing.

Research has consistently shown that print media is in fact “very much alive and facing a resurgence” with printed advertisements perceiving an extra layer of credibility to them than digital media. In an industry where credibility and trust is crucial, having printouts showing your brand emphasises that you are a well-established organisation.

Furthermore, if you’re looking at working with a finance company, chances are that you’re either looking for pension or investment services; which also means that you’re more likely to be older due to you needing to be in full-time employment and considering the future, which the younger generations are less likely to be partaking in.

By targeting the older generations with more traditional forms of marketing services, you’re adhering to their ‘normal’ which means they are more likely to buy into these services.

Having your business professionally printed is incredibly immersive, and it looks great!

There are many other marketing services that work for the vast finance industry, but we chose to focus on those above as we believe they are the most suited.

Find out how we can help boost your finance business to new levels, by getting into contact with ME.

Give us a call on 01245 363419, or email us at connect@marketingelect.com if you like what you see. We’re a friendly bunch and we’d love to hear from you!

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