Business owners: Get more exposure on your Instagram feed!


Business owners: Get more exposure on your Instagram feed!

Business owners, rejoice! Instagram has brought back the chronological feed amongst several other new options. This change is great news for those who were unhappy with the algorithms that decided which posts to show users. Now, business owners can post as they normally would and be confident that their followers will see their posts in order of when they were published. Check out these other new features Instagram has rolled out to understand how the feed is changing and how your business might need to adapt:

  • The Instagram “Home” option is a default feed of posts that are algorithmically sorted. This new feature was introduced in 2016, and it will always be the default option.
  • ‘Following” is the perfect mix of nostalgia and modernity. It brings back posts from accounts you follow in chronological order, just like how it was for years on Instagram before the feed was updated!
  • And so, ‘Favourites’ is what you can expect when browsing your favourite accounts. Content will be shown in a chronological order and it’s just one of many possible ways to find that perfect article or video for that you were looking for!

The news was broken by Instagram’s head of Business Adam Mosseri on 5th January 2022, where he announced that the company’s new feed options will be rolling out over a few weeks and should finish updating all users by mid-year 2022.

Mosseri says that the ‘Home’ option will also feature more and better recommendations over time, making it function like a discovery hub for content.

So, with Instagram’s most recent update that optimises the feed to users’ preferences, there will be a surge of messaging asking customers to favourite and follow business accounts, so they keep a high presence in their user’s feeds.

Businesses need not worry though! Marketing Elect can help you find out what your audience likes by running a quick analysis on social media analytics data or surveys. From there, we’ll work with you to create an account strategy that gets the best results for your brand – whether it’s boosting followers through sponsored posts or getting more engagement from organic content. Contact us now if this sounds like something you’re keen to explore further!

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