The 4 Essential Types of Content Marketing


Creating unique and engaging content is arguably one of the biggest challenges for many when it comes to marketing their business or brand.

Some enjoy storytelling across a multitude of mediums but find it hard to measure which type of content proves most effective, whilst others find it difficult to know where to start when it comes to creating the right content for their audience.

When producing content, each type will play a different role in your marketing strategy, ultimately helping your business in different ways to meet various objectives. When done well, engaging content can be a signifying moment for a brands’ greatest marketing success. When done poorly, it really doesn’t do much at all. Most compelling content takes time to produce, so why not make it worthwhile and get it seen and ENGAGED with by the RIGHT audience?

  1. have been successfully using these 4 types of content marketing for our clients to produce impactful, lasting results for a number of years. Take a look at our content matrix breakdown below to discover which types of content you can be utilising to organically increase your engagement.


Entertaining content helps you raise awareness and reach new audiences through generating a heightened emotional response.

Just some examples of entertaining content include: Quizzes, Games, Competitions, Viral and Branded Videos.

It’s been proven that people are naturally more emotionally responsive to content that entertains them, leading to increased brand awareness and the content in which you are sharing. This is usually because entertaining content is often the most shared, particularly across social media platforms.

Quizzes, games, and competitions are usually most effective on social media, and can be a great way to grow your following (as usually one of the conditions for entering the competition is to follow the page and tag a friend).

Viral and branded videos are predominately featured on social media channels, but another platform can be your website. It is important to note that the style of video should also be considered. For example, Behind the Scenes videos work well for creative companies, whilst motion graphics and animation can be an effective way to raise awareness of a particular topic.

I want to create ENTERTAINING content!


Inspiring content helps to increase the chances of purchases or enquiries into products and services by generating an emotional response.

Inspiring content can consist of the following: Widgets, Celebrity Endorsements, Reviews, Ratings and Community Forums, to name a few.

This style of content is ideal for those wanting to generate an emotional response from their target audience, to aid the purchase of a product or service.

Perhaps the most difficult type of content style for many, inspiring content is highly dependent on the audience you are trying to target. A prime example of this would be celebrity or influencer endorsements, as this can be an effective way to target a younger demographic but may not work for some industries or audiences.

Consumer reviews and ratings are usually a fail-safe way to inspire the reader to make a purchase that they may have been considering. Much like a community forum, this style of content is a sure way to gain trust from prospective audiences, as reviews from genuine customers (particularly video reviews) are more authentic than endorsements, but again, this largely depends on your outlined objectives.

I want to create INSPIRING content!



Educational content is usually rational in tone and one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness.

Content that is designed to educate an audience will consist of: Guides, Infographics, eBooks, Press Releases, Whitepapers and Trend Reports. Educational content is usually rational in tone, and a great way to raise awareness of your brand. By utilising these mediums correctly, a business can become an authoritative voice that audiences look to for informative content, improving trust, brand awareness and loyalty.

Educational content can be beneficial for several industries, due to the many possibilities available. From downloadable eBooks and guides to short, shareable infographics, there is something to suit every audience.

I want to create EDUCATIONAL content!


Persuasive content is perfect for increasing purchases of a product or service in a rational and often factual way.

The best styles of content to persuade your audience to do something such as purchase a product or service include: Demo Videos, Webinars, Events, Case Studies and Data Sheets.

Persuasive content is crucial for businesses that provide products and services to stand out against their competition. A mix of digital content such as videos and webinars in contrast to events can prove to be highly effective when it comes to targeting multiple audiences, or the same audience across multiple channels.

Whether you have company news such as details of a new product or service launch, or would like to touch on industry news or advancements, webinars can be a fantastic way to connect with your existing audience, whilst attracting a new one too. Prospective customers can be guided through processes, features and most importantly, ask questions live to your business. This is a strong way to demonstrate knowledge and trust, thus resulting in persuasive tactics to encourage purchases or sign ups.

I want to create PERSUASIVE content!

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