What is Construction Marketing?

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It’s no secret that construction is one of the most gruelling industries. With extreme competition, high physical risk and common low profit margins, you may think “Why would anyone choose to work within such a tough industry?”

As a marketing agency who works with multiple construction clients, ME. have collaborated with industry leaders who want to change how things are done within the industry.

Arditi and Davies [1988. Marketing of construction services] defines construction marketing as activities including gaining new clients through new types of construction and new markets; satisfying loyal clients, conducting market research and analysis.

Through tried and tested methods, Marketing Elect have a pretty firm understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing our construction clients’ businesses.

Below are what we believe to be the best marketing services for construction; all of which ME. offer…


Marketing Strategy

It’s crucial to understand your customers and marketplace, no matter the size of the business. A defined, forward-thinking, and efficient marketing strategy is a crucial step to achieving business growth.

This goes for those within the fast-paced construction industry too. By formulating a marketing strategy that targets your business goals whilst telling the targeted audience your brand’s story through emotion and culture, lasting relationships will be formed (which is essential to retaining clients in the construction business).


Website Build

User experience is everything when it comes to your website. Is the site easy to navigate? Is the information presented well to the reader? Without an optimised website, all other marketing channels will fall behind. 

Many construction companies rely heavily on a functional website, as information needs to be readily available and easy to understand across all devices. Our clients Embassy Site Services and Poppet Construction have both utilised our Digital Agents’ web building abilities, to create exceptional websites that showcases their branding perfectly, whilst showcasing relevant material in a concise yet informative manner.


Video & Photography

Content is key to any successful business. Without content, there cannot be successful websites or social media channels.

Video and Photography communicates your brand in ways words fail to. By visually showcasing your construction company, the viewer gains a deeper understanding of your brand…they see your team working together which helps reiterate your positive company culture. This immersive and engaging way of communicating your brand’s culture leads to greater business objectives being achieved, as clients need reassurance that your construction company is the right one for the job. 


Social Media

Upholding your business’ presence on social media is essential in the modern world. Social media is a pioneer for growing start-up businesses, but is also essential for larger brands to sustain their already successful marketing efforts.

Our construction clients have homed in on the above, which has led to us creating a surge in their social media presence and engagement. Since taking on multiple construction companies social channels, we have grown their following and engagement massively on networks including Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

Although not typically seen as related, construction and social media go hand-in-hand when utilised to their full extent.



Pay Per Click is one of the most cost-effective and measurable marketing tools. Leads and sales are generated at a faster pace when this form of paid advertising is utilised. 

It’s clear how PPC is useful for those within the construction industry! You only pay when the viewer directly engages with your advertisement; meaning that you not only save on your marketing budget, but also generate work at a more efficient rate.



Search Engine Optimisation does not suit every industry…but when it comes to construction it is certainly an important avenue to consider.

Formulated for long-term continuous effects, SEO helps your website rate higher when clients are looking for your services. Our construction clients who have undertaken SEO have seen significant return on their investments, as their higher search rating means wider brand awareness and audience reach…ultimately leading to more leads and projects coming through the door!


Email Marketing

If you have a loyal customer base, or wide interest in your brand and services, email marketing is a key tool to utilise.

Our construction clients all have loyal followers who have bought into their company’s culture, brand and services. By issuing scheduled newsletters to this audience base, interest and engagement increases. Email marketing also reminds the audience that your brand exists, which is so important in the construction industry…you should be the first company clients consider when new work is in plan!



Public Relations support and promote a great number of business activities, including developing relationships with local communities and charities.

For construction companies, due to the nature of the industry…relationship building is fundamental to generating leads and projects.

Specialist media outlets such as trade press, magazines and journals are still favoured by a selection of viewers over the modern-day social media channels. The credibility that comes with PR opportunities can hugely benefit your construction company with gaining work with local businesses.


Printed Media

Contrary to public belief, print media is still around and thriving.

Print media, similarly to PR opportunities, gives your brand a deeper level of credibility that social media can sometimes fail to reach.

Credibility is everything when it comes to the construction industry, as only those who are trusted will inevitably secure larger projects. Brochures, leaflets, flyers etc. will do this for your brand…if you haven’t considered this marketing venture for your construction company, we highly suggest you do.


By utilising some, (or even ALL, if your budget allows) of the above marketing services with ME., your construction company is on its way to becoming an industry leader. No opportunities will be missed as you target all areas of your client base!

Interested in reading into more depth about our work with some of our construction clients? Head over to the ‘OUR WORK’ section on our website (link at the top of the webpage) to read a detailed account of our work with Embassy Site Services and Poppet Construction. Why not check out our work with businesses in other industries whilst you’re there?

Don’t forget to get into contact with ME. by giving us a call on 01245 363419, or emailing us at connect@marketingelect.com if you like what you see. We’re a friendly bunch and we’d love to hear from you!

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