Colour Psychology in Marketing


Everything in media is chosen for a reason; be it a colour palette, object, or location. Whether we realise it or not, colours impact our emotions, moods, and behaviours. The science behind each colour holds the reasoning for brands and creators choosing them in their work.

Viewers form an opinion about a product in just 90 seconds; of which is mostly based on the colours that are used. This emphasises the importance of choosing the right colours for your branding!

It’s also been found that the logo’s colour is the first thing a viewer notices when seeing a brand, which makes sense when you remember Cadbury’s iconic purple, or McDonald’s red and their infamous golden arches. You know the brand simply from their colour palette, no words (or even a logo) are needed!

There’s been countless studies investigating the power of colours; with conclusions emulating that ‘colours alone can influence up to 90% of an initial impression’. This essentially means that colours influence how consumers view the brand’s personality. Along with this, colour influences 85% of shoppers’ purchase decisions. So, by researching your target audience and identifying a colour palette they psychologically connect with, you’ve hit the jackpot from the get-go!

Colours can tell potential customers more than words can envision; let’s use blue as an example. Blue represents trust and reliability and is the favourite colour of 35% of women and 57% of men (in 2020). By using this colour in your branding, the customer subconsciously learns that your brand is reliable and trustworthy. Facebook is famous for their little blue square logo!

Yellow (scientifically defined as the most eye-catching colour) is associated with happiness, creativity, and optimism. National Geographic’s use of a simple yellow rectangle in their logo expresses positive emotions within their nature programs. Yellow is also occasionally used to target impulsive buyers with its bright effect. Again, take McDonald’s logo; designed to catch your eye, evoke hunger then impulsively lead you into their restaurants for a cheeky box of chips you didn’t know you wanted until you saw their yellow logo!

White means purity. Intelligence, safety, and professionalism are commonly associated with white; it also represents a new beginning. Apple utilises these emotions with their sleek, modern white symbolic logo. Their products similarly connote these emotions, through their design.

The above three colours are used in Marketing Elect’s branding, as we want to convey all the above feelings to our clients and target audiences in the most efficient and effective way possible…through our branding! Our vivid colour palette utilises blue, pink, yellow and white to capture viewer’s attention and subconsciously inform them that we are a reliable, creative, and a positive company to work with.

All the above information expresses how closely marketing and psychology work together, and how vital it is that the correct colours are chosen for your brand. It’s not just about looking pretty, it’s also about their hidden meanings!

It’s also important to remember that colour connotations differ between cultures. So, if you have international audiences, make sure you research into their culture’s colour meanings. The last thing you want to end up doing is selecting a colour palette that means positive emotions in your culture but connotes negativity to the one you’re targeting!

It’s a lot to take in, I know. That’s why BE.ME. are here! We do all the hard work, resulting in your brand and marketing standing out of the crowd.

Brand Elect are experienced specialists at ensuring your branding subconsciously connotes the correct emotions to your target audiences, whilst making it look incredible! But remember, it’s not all about looks. After Brand Elect has made your branding look great, strategy comes in. Once your branding and strategy have been defined, it’s time for marketing… introducing Marketing Elect!

Marketing Elect take on the challenge of immersing ourselves into your industry to construct a marketing strategy that attracts and engages your target audience. All our marketing utilises the brand work that was formulated by Brand Elect; and a bonus of using sister companies means consistency, familiarity and a deeper understanding of your brand, company and industry!

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