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Plug & Play – Meet Howard

Meet Howard – the business development expert who also is experienced in sales. Howard is one of the nicest men that has ever existed and knows everything there is to know about making a business successful.

His analytical mindset shows in his problem-solving skills, and the attention to detail Howard shows throughout his work is unmatched!


1.     How is your role important in the running of the team Howard?

My role is to use my experience to help grow the business and provide strategic direction to ensure that ME. constantly evolves and provides our clients maximum value and results.

2.     What is your favourite part about working with ME.?

Working with a great team of inspiring and creative people, who are constantly looking to do things differently, pushing boundaries and embracing technology and digital innovation to enhance our service levels.

3.     Can you describe your role in one sentence?

Experienced head helping to navigate the minefields!

4.     Why do you think ME. is different from other marketing agencies?

We are driven by results at ME! Happy clients are the ones who see their marketing KPI’s achieved and realise quantifiable ROI from their marketing expenditure. In turn, happy clients become our biggest advocates.

5.     What can our clients expect when working with ME.?

Honesty, transparency, creativity, commitment, passion, and a real desire to ensure our clients brands achieves their maximum potential.


Has your business development slowed down? If you’re struggling to propel yourself forward, get in touch with ME. to find out how we can help get your business developing sustainably.

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