What is Property Marketing?

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At Marketing Elect, we’re advocates of the property industry, specialising in all things property marketing. With a wealth of experience in helping property investment, Estate Agency, Property Design and Development businesses (to name a few) better connect with their target audiences and rise above competition through a well-executed strategy and immersive outreach.

As you may be aware, COVID-19 has impacted the property industry in various ways over the last 18 months. A positive impact for property investors is the recent boom in house prices. This is partly due to the recent temporary government decrease in Stamp Duty fees. However, some businesses have struggled greatly from the pandemic, particularly when it comes to the importance of making their offering stand out against their competition more than ever before.

Consumer behaviour and our consideration of aspects, such as moving (from so much time at home) and investing in property (from potential money saved during lockdown) is another factor that has changed drastically; with virtual viewings, videography and photography growing in popularity to advertise properties. This continued demand for a more modernised approach means more than ever, those in the business of property (be it Estate Agency, Investment or Development) need a well executed marketing strategy in order to adapt to changing climates and offer something different in a sea of same.

Below are what we believe to be the best marketing services for Property companies; all of which ME. offer…

Marketing Strategy

It’s crucial to understand your customers and marketplace, no matter the size of the business. A defined, forward-thinking, and efficient marketing strategy is a crucial step to achieving business growth and ultimately selling properties.

This goes for those within the property industry too. By formulating a marketing strategy that targets your business goals whilst telling the targeted audience your brand’s story through emotion and culture, lasting relationships will be formed (which is essential to retaining clients in the property market).

Website Development

It’s safe to say that having an easy to navigate and branded website is vital within any industry. User experience is everything… as your online store-front, it’s crucial that your website is able to fully function in a manner that supports your business goals.

Property companies rely heavily on a functional website, as information needs to be readily available and easy to understand across all devices. Our property clients have utilised our web building abilities, to create exceptional websites that showcases their branding perfectly, whilst showcasing relevant material in a concise yet informative manner.

Video Production & Photography

Property companies without immaculate video and photography are doomed to fail, as who would make an investment based off of badly taken content?

Buyers almost always begin their journey by looking at online images of properties they’re interested in… photography makes property sell, and if you can include video tours of your property, that’s another nail hit on the head.

Flambard Williams, one of our property investment clients, have utilised videography to another level by introducing a range of video content, from internal training videos to an external ‘Masterclass’ series and ‘60 Second Property Fast Facts’, filmed at our studio and edited by the ME. creative team. This unique, immersive and engaging content showcases to clients that Flambard Williams are knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy. Videography and photography also presents familiarity to you, as you get to know the Flambard Williams family, furthermore building on brand loyalty!

Social Media

Upholding your business’ presence on social media is essential in the modern world. Social media is a pioneer for growing start-up businesses, but is also essential for larger brands to sustain their already successful marketing efforts.

Our property clients have homed in on the above, which has led to us creating a surge in their social media presence and engagement. ME. have the ability to grow our clients’ following and engagement massively on networks including Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

Pinterest in particular has developed into a social media network that is perfect for marketing property. Based on aesthetically pleasing photography (similar to Instagram), which is fundamental for selling developments, Pinterest and property go hand-in-hand.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Surge your online presence and stay connected with your customers through social media advertising. It is imperative that your business has social media channels that are not only regularly updated, but are branded to your business.

Online platforms that work especially well for the property industry are Facebook and Instagram. Facebook because of the sheer amount of users on the platform; and if paid advertising is utilised, the targeting strategies that can be put in place are incredibly effective at making your content reach interested, potential clients. Instagram is based solely on photography and video content, which is what property thrives on. Excellent photography and videography of properties are sure to do well on Instagram, as these standalone elements engage potential clients! If these posts are ‘boosted’ with paid efforts, you’re guaranteed to reach a huge audience base that will engage with your content.

Branded Content

Branded content can be anything from specialised social media posts to physical brochures/leaflets. When it comes to the property industry, your branding needs to be perfect, to ensure you stand out from the crowd. Your business’ identity, culture and behaviour must be communicated efficiently and effectively to immediately grab the attention of potential clients, but also be varied enough to sustain the interest of current clients. Unleash your brand’s potential through branding your content!

Email Marketing

Keep your customers informed through their inbox via email marketing. This versatile channel can help increase the relevance and responsiveness of your communications. Email marketing retains customers, increasing repeat business and customer-brand engagement with engaging images and content sent directly to personal inboxes.

This method is crucial for those within the property market, as this regularly updated method of communication is key for advertising new properties and developments; whilst reminding audiences that your brand exists.

Whether it’s newsletters, re-engagement or paid email advertising, this marketing service is incredibly effective and we’d highly recommend it to any property business.

Out of Home Advertising

Out of home advertising remains one of the most powerful media channels. Whether it be traditional billboards, shopping centre display screens or street signage, the ability to place a message directly in front of an audience still holds tremendous value.

For property companies, this traditional approach is exceptionally good at brand awareness and remembrance… as those interested in buying real estate (meaning they are directly searching for your company) will associate your brand with a specific font, colour scheme and style/location of property!

Event Promotion

Property investment events are once again increasing in popularity, as we re-emerge from lockdown. These seminars are so important for not only brand awareness, they can reach wider audiences which ultimately can lead to more loyal customers. If your property company is hosting or attending an event like this, you MUST advertise your presence.

This traditional form of marketing adds a deeper level of credibility to your brand, as putting on events such as these showcases that you are passionate, knowledgeable and experienced. Audiences are more likely to trust your business faster if they meet you in person, which is why advertising for events that you’re hosting or a part of is vital! What’s the point of hosting or attending an event if no one knows about it?

Event promotion can range from digital through to physical. Social media awareness, email marketing, brochures, bus advertisements… The list of event promotion tactics is endless.

There are many other marketing services that work for the property industry, but we chose to focus on those above as we believe they are not only the most suited, but what ME. executes to the best of our abilities.

Don’t forget to get into contact with ME. by giving us a call on 01245 363419, or emailing us at connect@marketingelect.com if you like what you see. We’re a friendly bunch and we’d love to hear from you!

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