Psychology of Food Advertising

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Psychology of Food Advertising

Behind every food advertisement, is a marketing team that has strategically chosen every aspect of the promotional clip… from the colours to the music, every single detail is in there for a reason.

Food and beverage companies’ goals are ultimately to get you to buy their products, hence why their advertisements connote positivity to you, the viewer. A great example of this includes the McDonald’s Christmas advertisements. The brand’s products are rarely shown throughout the advert, and when they are they’re displayed so subtly that you may not know until halfway through the advertisement.

McDonald’s 2021 “Imaginary Iggy” campaign for Christmas utilises emotional music, family values and soft lighting techniques to formulate an emotional connection between viewer and brand. Especially as McDonald’s is a globally renowned fast-food restaurant, they have to try harder than other brands (that are known for healthier options) to connote that they have values and ethics that positively affect their customers.

The UK is implementing a ban on “Junk food TV adverts before 9pm” in an attempt to combat obesity, along with new rules when promoting these unhealthy products online. McDonald’s have strategically beaten this ban with their latest Christmas advertisement by focusing on their ‘reindeer treats’ (carrot bag); their renowned burgers, chicken nuggets and fries are only shown in the advert from a distance for 4 seconds, yet another strategic move by the brand! By focusing on healthy options that the restaurant sells, they are able to get around the 9pm ban… resulting in wider brand exposure and awareness.

Once you begin to delve into the psychology of advertising within the hospitality industry, you realise how strategic everything is! Have you discovered that you hold an emotional connection to a brand such as McDonald’s? We’d be fascinated to know your thoughts…


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