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Plug & Play – Meet Lloyd

Meet Lloyd – The video and photography master. Lloyd founded Poppy Productions and is based at his fantastic creative space, Essex Video Studio. With the help of creative geniuses Ellie and David, Lloyd creates video, podcasts and photoshoots (along with post-production editing) for businesses needing a content refresh.

His incredible talent shows in his work, as his creative edge is unmatched. Lloyd is also known for being the world’s nicest man, which is a bonus!

We’re extremely fortunate to work with Lloyd and the crew down at Essex Video Studio so frequently, thank you for working with ME.!

  1. How is your role important in the running of the team?

For video content, I use my experience working with London agencies to discover great solutions for a business’s brand. Alongside ME I make sure that the story is told in an effective way that is right for the client.

  1. What is your favourite part about working with ME.?

ME is a friendly company throughout that really cares for its clients and the results they achieve.

  1. Can you describe your role in one sentence?

I create video content that is used to increase engagement, raise awareness and propel a brand forward.

  1. Why do you think ME. is different from other marketing agencies?

ME looks at the efficiencies of targeted marketing offering a bespoke product that is tapered for each case. They don’t rest on their laurels and they champion innovation.

  1. What can our clients expect when working with ME.?

Clients can expect a holistic and enthusiastic approach to their marketing. A very considered strategy to their outreach which considers the very fibre of their brand from start to finish.

Is your content repetitive and lacking that spark that engages your audience? ME. creates a tailored content mix for your business, utilising a multitude of media forms. Get in touch to find out what works for you.

We want to celebrate the people who keep ME. going throughout the rollercoaster that is life. Make sure you keep an eye on ME.’s social channels and website, to learn more about the other team members of the immersive marketing agency!

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