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Meet Jen – Marketing Elect’s leading lady, Head of Marketing. Jen’s presence completely shines through the office, she’s always offering to make a drink and is the office’s appointed crisp fanatic!

Her sweet, determined, and visionary personality showcases through her work. She leads with what works best for you and your branding and cares greatly about doing meaningful work! 

  1. How is your role important in the running of the team?

As a Marketing Manager, I oversee a range of activity across the ME. team. From content creation, strategic insight and development to client management and creative direction, my role is varied and supports both Marketing Elect’s outreach and our clients.

  1. What is your favourite part about working with ME.?

My favourite part about working at Marketing Elect has got to be the team culture. It sounds cliché, but when your team are supportive, endlessly skilled and each a comedian in their own right, it’s truly a work-dream come true.

  1. Can you describe your role in one sentence?

Marketing without a well-defined strategy is akin to shouting in the middle of a crowd – It is your strategy, combined with a purposeful brand proposition, that will ultimately enable you to be heard by your desired audience, not just those that will listen.

  1. Why do you think ME. is different than other marketing agencies?

Call me biased, but Marketing Elect was literally born out of the very need to do things slightly differently to other marketing agencies. Despite many agencies often claiming to be different to others, when it comes to the customer experience, that’s often where it stops. At ME, we ask why. Surely our clients’ greatest interest is that we consider their own customer’s experience, that we are fully immersed in what their audience needs to see, hear and feel to truly feel connected to them? That’s why we’re different, we work to gain an understanding of a business at a deeper level, to the very centre where your audience are.

  1. What can clients expect when working with ME?

In short, we’ll be your biggest supporters. You can expect to feel like our only client, to always feel valued and prioritised (we might even throw in a few Jaffa Cakes too).

Does your marketing strategy need realigning? Get in touch with ME. today to find out how we can become your dedicated outsourced marketing team.

We want to celebrate the people who keep ME. going throughout the rollercoaster that is life. Make sure you keep an eye on ME.’s social channels and website, to learn more about the other team members of the immersive marketing agency!

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