Threads: Here To Stay?

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It’s now been over 2 weeks since Threads was unleashed to audiences around the world, but will it stick around? Over the past few years, we have seen many new platforms burst onto the scene only to fade away, for example, BeReal. However, despite the supposed lawsuit from Twitter and knowing the competitive nature of Meta, I think we can expect Threads to stick around for the long run.

What is Threads?

Meta’s answer to Twitter. Initially spurred on by Musk’s takeover and the somewhat negative reaction from Twitter users, Facebook has thrown their hat in the ring to great effect. Threads is now the fastest platform ever to reach 100 million users. Threads mimics Twitter’s style of short-form, text-based content, which is very popular with certain demographics.

The best of Threads so far

Here’s what some of the world’s biggest brands have been up to on Threads.

As you can see, it mirrors the behaviour many brands adopt on Twitter.

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For some social marketers, it’s one social media platform too many:


Will Threads last?

We have seen many social media platforms come and go over the years. Does anyone remember MySpace? But it seems that Threads is here to stay. As an app associated with Instagram and Facebook, two of the mainstays of social media over the past 2 decades, its no surprise people are predicting Threads to be around for a while. With Twitter possibly rebranding to an everything app named X, Threads could easily replace Twitter as the main text-based app for many.

However, Twitter has such a cult following, that many may choose to stick around, even if they are limited on a free plan. Some may even choose to pay for Twitter Blue. My advice, watch this space.

Should my business be on Threads?

It’s still very early days for the platform, and figuring out a strategy for Threads may take some time. However, as it is very similar in nature to Twitter, it’s wise to mirror that strategy to begin with. Experimentation is key, especially with a new platform, as every business is in the same boat.

It’s also important to consider whether your target audience is actively on Threads. It will be hard to know for now, but if you don’t have a company Twitter account, then it’s unlikely that threads will appeal to your target audiences.

Threads is still very early in its development, without direct messaging it could struggle to become a replacement for the real-time communication Twitter has become known for. Many businesses use Twitter as a way for customers to contact their business if they have any issues, something which Threads is currently lacking.

If you would like to know more about Threads, or are looking to build your social media strategy, get in touch with our team

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