In a week that has seen us launch our brand-new agency Marketing Elect (ME.), we want to celebrate the people behind the story.

When founders, Lee Callaghan, Greg Allman & Rebecca Callaghan dreamt up the idea for ME, they realised that this new venture needed a new leader and a fresh approach – Introducing Jannaire Faulkner…

As is often the case, Jannaire was known to the founders as she was once a customer of our sister agency Brand Elect (BE). It was this previous connection that fast-tracked Jannaire from potential candidate, to an absolute ‘shoe-in’.

With public and private sector experience under her belt, Jannaire’s ‘client-side’ experience was a huge driver in our decision-making process. But her knowledge and understanding of ‘people empathy’ was the real ace in the pack for us.

Our paths first crossed some 3 years ago, when Jannaire ran the marketing team at property investment company Flambard Williams. It was here that we first recognised Jannaire’s genuine understanding of ‘brand governance’. In our experience, marketing departments tend to focus too much on outreach deliverables, but Jannaire had a very different approach to marketing. After spending over 3 years developing Flambard Williams presence, Jannaire joined Essex Police as Recruitment & Retention Campaigns Officer within their recruitment marketing team, working on a number of campaigns, most recently the national ‘Fit the Bill’ Diversity & Inclusion campaign. As most people will know, public and private sector work are two very unique animals, and for the ME owners, this inside knowledge is gold.

Of course, agency-side experience has great merits, and “learning your trade” with likeminded agency folk is still a very successful recipe. But, when you add to that team someone who has “earned their trade” being client-side, you quickly recognise the big shift of perspective in the work that is delivered. For ME, this was an essential pre-requisite for the role – it’s all about customer excellence!

Since joining the team at the end of last year, Jannaire has worked closely with the founders to build the entire ME proposition. Finding our position was key to the success of our new agency, and careful consideration and a lot of blood, sweat and Jaffa Cakes have brought us to our launch this week.

Jannaire joins an illustrious and talented bunch of ‘ME team’ individuals, whom all bring their own skillset and quirkiness to the table. So, as you can imagine, it takes someone with a strong eye for people connectivity to make this machine function and breathe.

With grand plans to take over the world, or at least make a very large splash in the marketing industry, we are very excited to have Jannaire on board. We know that her calmness, foresight and people empathy will have a huge impact on the work we do, and how we make people feel.

We wish Jannaire every success in her new venture, and for any clients that have yet to meet us, you’re in incredibly safe hands.

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