A new challenger for Elon’s Twitter? What's all the buzz around Hive Social?

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Since Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, the business tycoon has come under fire from users for firing almost 4,000 of the app’s staff from their roles and as a result, more have also left their roles.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, but people are beginning to explore new up-and-coming options such as Hive Social. They recently passed 1,000,000 users after some Twitter users have become tired of Elon’s antics and are exploring other options.

However, businesses should not be too quick to switch strategy, as those beginning to open Hive accounts are not completely closing the door on Twitter. The option is just being explored.

What is Hive?

Hive Social is a relatively new platform that is similar to Twitter but not a complete copy. Hive combines some of the most popular elements of past and present social media platforms.

The platform draws inspiration from tweets with their ‘toots’, but without any character limit. You also have the ability to personalise your own profile in more detail, such as adding your favourite song, something that has been forgotten on social media platforms over time.

Business could benefit from being early adopters of new platforms like Hive, but must make sure that it is a valuable use of their resources.

But it’s still not quite the complete package…

There are a few downsides however, for both businesses and personal use:

  • It is currently an ad free platform, meaning businesses would have to focus their efforts on organic reach. This may change in the future as the platform grows.
  • You can have multiple accounts with the same ‘handle’. This will cause problems as there is currently no way to verify businesses and people, meaning anyone could impersonate a brand or person like-for-like.
  • As the business is only run by a small group of people, it’s likely to need lots of investment to take on the bigger more established social networks, in terms of getting a big user base and therefore an audience for businesses to market to.

Is Hive the next challenger to Twitter? Yes, but don’t discount Elon’s new Twitter just yet. It is one of the longest running social media platforms and although Hive is a new competitor, Twitter is still one of the biggest social networks on the web.

There’s no reason why both can exist in tandem, and it’s certain that Twitter will still be an important tool for businesses now and in the future.

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