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Meet Lee – Marketing Elect’s Co-Founder. Lee is also the CEO of our sister agency, Brand Elect.

Lee is the happiest man in the office. His enthusiasm, charisma and passion shines through the room and empowers us all to work hard to achieve great results! He is also a vocalist and keyboard player for the incredible band Solarzone. If you’re a fan of electronic 80s synth pop music, they’re the band for you!

1.    How is your role important in the running of the team?

As the older member of our team, I hope I’m able to impart some measured wisdom and positive vibes to our team and to our clients. Also, to lead by example and to always remember that ‘It’s Nice to be Nice’…

2.    What is your favourite part about working with ME.?

My favourite part of working at ME is the incredible people I work with. I think myself lucky that I love what I do for a living – and most of this is because of the wonderful team I share my time with.

3.    Can you describe your role in one sentence?

I once heard a statement that has stayed with me for years… “Always remember, you’re never the smartest person in the room…”. I live by this every day…

4.    Why do you think ME. is different than other marketing agencies?

I believe our real brilliance is our ability to focus on how we make our clients and their audience FEEL – Emotion over Data every time.

5.    What can clients expect when working with ME? 

When working with ME, clients can expect: Energy, Good listeners, and Impeccable customer service. What we do for you, really really matters to us…!

Has your business lost its passion and drive? If you’re struggling to reignite the spark that makes your business special, get in touch with ME. to rediscover your enthusiasm!

Make sure you keep an eye on ME.’s social channels and website, to learn more about the other team members of the immersive marketing agency!

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