Don’t Let the ‘AI’ Tail Wag The ‘AI’ Dog… The Dangers Of Overusing AI

ai dogs

Content is King, they say…  So, when you think of the current commercial landscape, the introduction of AI has meant that content now has its very own KINGDOM.

It wasn’t such a long time ago when the content wilderness was a mix of Copywriters, seasoned PR Professionals, Journalists and Creative Designers all rising to the ‘content challenge’.

But fast forward to now, the landscape is looking very different.  Whether you’re an agency or an internal marketing team, content has never been as easy to create (apparently…!).

As agencies, our perennial challenge is to work with our clients to obtain as much information as possible, and turn this into marketing and communications GOLD… So logically, with the rise of ChatGPT and other AI platforms, this has never been so easy.

In many ways, the pressure is now on, as brands and businesses across the globe are looking to create bespoke content that outperforms their competition.

So when using AI, If you can think of it, it can be created…  For example, if you want to write an article on “the rise of Purple Polkadot Kitchens in Knightsbridge”, abracadabra, there it is, in all its virtual reality beauty…!  And let me tell you, what you see is very effective and incredibly convincing (they don’t even exist yet, and I already want to buy one of those kitchens…!).

So, surely AI is a marketer’s dream…. BUT, and there’s a very big BUT…

The huge paradox of this whole situation is actually not HOW easy it is to create the content itself. It’s actually WHY is the content being created at all..?

Without PURPOSE, content is at best, meaningless noise, and at worst, it’s damaging to the brand. For the most part, seasoned content creators worked to proven methods that helped them hone their craft.  Whether it was compelling story-telling, or visual stimulation that made you feel something, everything should be anchored at the brand’s purpose.

Never forget, brand purpose is really the only thing you can OWN (it’s your story, no-one else’s…!).  Therefore, when creating supporting content, consider WHY you are doing it.  In fact, ask yourself, what are you expecting your content to do, and how does this enhance your story?

The fact is, AI is here to stay, embrace it, it will be your friend.  But never forget that us humans are still responsible (in fact, accountable) for creating reasoned strategies to realise actual outcomes.

So much like it always was, don’t let the Tail wag the Dog (AI or not…!)

Looking to leverage AI in your content strategy, but not sure where to start? Get in touch with our team!


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